888 Total White Underarm Cream. (35 g) Black


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888 Total White Whitening Lotion, Body Scrub, Soap, Underarm Cream Pampaputi, Beauty Skin Care Exfoliating Rejuvenating Face Body Wash, Strawberry Citus, Glutathione Collagen, Niacinamide, Sunscreen Sunblock, Pore Pimple Acne Scar Remover For Men & Women .• 888 Total White Whitening Lotion – Make the skin tone even, whiter and glowing. Protect the skin from sunlight SPF35+++ Did you know that Fruit Natural Extract is the bomb when it comes to getting rid of skin problems? Safe for pregnant and lactating moms, it Whitens the skin, Softens the skin, Moisturizes the skin, Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, Made with natural extracts. •

How To Use: How To Use: Apply 888 Total White Whitening Lotion to your skin. Best used after bath and on prolonged sun exposure. • 88 Total White Underarm Cream -Getting white and clear underarms has always been a common pain faced by women. But with the 88 Total White Underarm Cream, you can raise your arms comfortably and never be ashamed of your underarms again! It’s formulated to penetrate underarm skin and intensively whiten at the cellular level. Lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. It helps soothe skin irritation to reveal fairer, whiter underarms. Non-sticky and lightweight. Fast absorption. • Evenly spread a pea-sized amount of cream and gently massage it onto the armpit. • 888 Total White Whitening Soap – also has a combination of fruit extract, Glutathione, and Niacinamide that stimulates collagen repair to improve skin’s elasticity and keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and glowing. • How to use: Gently massage your face and body. For the body, let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes. Use twice a day, morning and evening. For best results, use the 888 Total White Whitening Body Lotion to supplement the skin moisturizing and smoother effect. 🌈SOAP – FOR FACE AND BODY 👉ABOUT THE PRODUCT: From Thailand 80 grams Paraben Free Dermatologist tested All skin types Natural ingredients 👉BENEFITS: Treats acne Lightens dark spots Whitens facial skin tone 👉HOW TO USE: Gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. For body, scrub with towel, panghilot or loofa then rinse off with water Use 1-2 times a day 🌈LOTION – FOR BODY ONLY 👉ABOUT THE PRODUCT: From Thailand 250ML Paraben Free Dermatologist tested All skin types Natural ingredients 👉BENEFITS: Whitens skin tone Effectively protects the skin white restore deep nourishment to the skin cells with concent


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