Gel Hut Mun White. (22 g)



Clear Nose Gel Hut Mun (paper included)

Guaranteed Authentic.

Guaranteed result at first use.

Tightens pores and removes acne, whiteheads and blackheads.


Ingredients: Gelatin Titanium Dioxide, Phenol, Nha Dam, Huong Factory adjusted the formula.


It is a gel that can be used to get rid of white heads and black heads on our skin. It ensures that your skin and our face is protected. It’s in cream form that is applied to our skin, also comes with a treatment mask. This removes acnes, whiteheads, as well as blackheads in no time when applied correctly on our face. This can be used all over our skin.


This has a minty scent that will ensure you feel good when applying to your complexion.


It is held in a 22g container and is packed together with sheets that serve as the strip. This package has a paper that has instructions on how to apply this effectively. It’s appealing to our eye of the customer, and as a customer, it’s easy to differentiate this from other beauty products on the shelves.


To completely remove the whiteheads, blackheads, plus acnes, it’s important to apply it twice a week.



1. Wash face/nose area with WARM water where the strips are to be applied.

2. Apply just a very thin amount of Clear Nose Cream over the face area.

3. Place the Clear Nose Mask sheet over your nose and/or other face area.

4. Allow it to stick until dry for about 5-10 minutes or less or just enough not to hurt when removed.

5. Pull back up the paper. Guaranteed you will be shocked as blackheads and whiteheads will stick to the paper.


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