GLuta Berry Juice 20000 mg Fast Action-10 Sachets



Gluta Berry 200000 mg Drink punch,Increase the power of the white aura All over the body, white, aura, white, clear, gig, fade, freckles, dark spots, fast absorption, effective, sensitive, no harmful substances White to the maximum. Best selling. Beautiful skin, clear, white, firm. Glutathione juice 200000 mg. Mixed collagen to 10000 mg. Fruit family extracted berries concentrated. Which provides many antioxidants Thereby nourishing skin whitening Youthful face Bright white glowing aura Special Intensive Formula Only one box saw the result of white fast. Reduce freckles, dark spots, and make your skin smoother and clearer. Dissolve 1 sachet in cold water 100-150 ml. (Or according to preference). Use a spoon to combine and drink immediately after breakfast – lunch – dinner.


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