HIKARI COFFEE AND ICED TEA 10 Sachets x 21 Grams (Iced Tea Mixed Berries)



Hikari Iced Tea is a delicious premium slimming and beautifying instant iced tea that gives you more from just a and organic ingredients proven effective to control hunger, reduce natural weight while promoting brighter and healthier skin.

Specially formulated with Okralin” the newest and the most sowerful breakthrough fat binder on the market, together with vanced appetite suppressants and fat burning Ingredients, this calorie. keto-friendly and sugar-free drink will help you reach and maximize your weight loss goals. 

keto friendly

sugar free!!!

Premium Japan L-Glutathione 


chia seeds 


keto friendly 

low calorie 

sugar made with stevia 

– Reduces stress and cravings 

– boosts the metabolism 

– appetite suppressant 

– relieves constipation

– burns fat 

– glowing skin, healthy youthful skin,hair and nails 💅 



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