Misaki Power Bleach Spf 65 Intense Instant Whitening, (250g)



Misaki Power Bleach refers to the use of products to lighten dark areas of the skin or achieve an overall lighter complexion. Smooth and easy application it helps even out skin stone ,The misaki power bleach is safe to use anywhere on your body and face.

•Fast Whitening.
•Reverse Premature Signs Of Aging.
•Diminish Fine Lines.
•Anti Stretchmarks.
•Remove Pimples And Acne.
•Protect Skin From Damages Caused By Sun Exposure.
•Even Out Skin Tone.
•Whitens Underarms,Nape,Elbow And Bikini Line.
•Remove Old Scars.
•Moisturizing The Skin.
•Safe For pregnant
•Safe For lactating Mom
•Safe For Kids 7 years old above


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