Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. (118 ml)


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To moisturize the skin and moisturize the lips and nails.

Use as a base under foundation.

– For the treatment of rashes, diaper rash, burns and scars.

– To resist wrinkle and wrinkle of the skin.

Eliminate bacteria and fungi and thus rid us of the unpleasant foot odor.

– It is placed among the first aid kits to treat abrased, injured and irritated skin, and no matter how much remains in the box, it will not lose its effectiveness.

A treatment for new scars and blemishes, a favorite among plastic surgeons to speed up their fading, interchangeably.

Hair conditioner that rejuvenates the hair’s natural oils and restores its luster.

– Treatment of eczema, psoriasis and allergies, medicines, chemicals, creams, and environmental irritants such as bites, stings, stings and allergies from the air .. the effects of allergies to different metals such as nickel and others .. and allergies due to clothes and allergies to pregnancy.


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