Froza Gluta Pure White Body Cream, (200g)



 Froza Gluta Body Whitening Cream 200g online from This glutathione is 100% organic pure natural not harmful to the body and does not have side effects on the liver. It will help remove toxins in the liver instead. This is a super premium one.

Key features

  • Rich and texture
  • Glutathione: Helps to whiten skin and also helps reduce wrinkles
  • Arbutin: Helps reduce dark circles and blemishes. Inhibit the process of melanin pigmentation
  • Red Cherry: Helps to fight free radicals. Deep skin rejuvenation Adjust the skin to be white and radiant. Accelerate the skin to be white, smooth and clear
  • The texture is absorbed quickly, not sticky
  • Breaks into water Easy to blend
  • Sticky scent
  • Speed up white x2 like injection
  • Clear skin from the first tube
  • Clear skin in 14 days ️
  • Skin is soft, moisturized, not dry ️
  • Slow down the wrinkles ️


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