Gluta Lipo Oraganic Barley Sachets (5g X 10 Sachets)



Get ready to elevate your skincare game with Gluta Lipo Premium Organic Barley! This powerhouse soap is your ticket to radiant, flawless skin, all packed into one convenient bar. Made with premium organic barley and enriched with glutathione and lipoic acid, this soap is your go-to solution for achieving that coveted glow.

Why You’ll Love It:

Here’s why Gluta Lipo Premium Organic Barley deserves a spot in your skincare routine:

Skin Brightening: Say goodbye to dullness and hello to luminous skin, thanks to the potent blend of ingredients.

Even Skin Tone: Fade away dark spots and blemishes for a more even complexion.

Deep Cleansing: Gently yet effectively removes dirt, oil, and impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Hydrating: Infused with organic barley extract, it helps lock in moisture for a soft and supple finish.

Anti-Aging: Fight signs of aging with the powerful antioxidants in every lather, keeping your skin looking youthful and vibrant.


Brightens Skin: Achieve a radiant complexion with regular use.

Evens Skin Tone: Minimize the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes.

Deep Cleanses Pores: Removes dirt, oil, and impurities to reveal clearer, smoother skin.

Hydrates and Nourishes: Organic barley extract moisturizes and replenishes the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

Anti-Aging Properties: Antioxidants help combat free radical damage, reducing the signs of aging for a more youthful appearance.

How to Use:

Wet: Wet your skin with water.

Lather: Rub the soap bar between your hands to create a rich, creamy lather.

Massage: Gently massage the lather onto your face and body, focusing on areas of concern.

Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

Key Features:

Premium Organic Barley.

Glutathione and Lipoic Acid Enriched.

Skin Brightening Formula.

Deep Cleansing.

Hydrating and Nourishing.

Ready to experience the transformative power of Gluta Lipo Premium Organic Barley? Elevate your skincare routine and achieve the glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t wait any longer—try it today!


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