Growniella 3 In 1 Hair Spray (100 ml)



Get ready to level up your hair game with Growniella 3 in 1 Hair Spray! Whether you’re rocking natural curls, sleek locks, or anything in between, this magical potion is your ultimate hair sidekick. Say hello to growth, shine, and slay all in one convenient bottle!

Why You’ll Love It:

Growniella 3 in 1 Spray isn’t your average hair product—it’s a game-changer. Here’s why you’ll want to get your hands on it ASAP:

Hair Growth Booster: Packed with nourishing ingredients to promote healthy hair growth from root to tip.

Ultimate Shine Enhancer: Say goodbye to dull, lackluster locks and hello to hair that gleams like never before.

Frizz Fighter: Tame even the wildest of manes with our anti-frizz formula that leaves hair smooth and manageable.

Heat Protection: Shield your strands from the damaging effects of heat styling tools, keeping your hair healthy and happy.

All-in-One Convenience: No need for multiple products—this spray does it all, saving you time and effort.


Promotes Hair Growth: Our unique blend of ingredients stimulates hair follicles, encouraging healthy growth.

Enhances Shine: Experience a noticeable boost in shine and luster, making your hair look and feel radiant.

Tames Frizz: Say goodbye to frizzy hair days and hello to smooth, sleek locks that turn heads.

Protects from Heat Damage: Provides a protective barrier against heat styling tools, minimizing damage and breakage.

How to Use:

On Wet Hair: Spray evenly onto towel-dried hair and style as usual.

On Dry Hair: Apply a few spritzes to dry hair to refresh and add shine.

Before Heat Styling: Spritz onto hair before using heat styling tools for added protection.

Key Features:

3 in 1 Formula.

Convenient 100ml Bottle.

Hair Growth Stimulant.

Shine Enhancer.

Frizz Control.

Heat Protection.

Ready to unleash your hair’s full potential? Try Growniella 3 in 1 Spray today and watch your locks grow and slay like never before!


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