Ivana Skin Rejuvenating GLow Kit-Skin Repair And Renewal



Indulge in this 3-step system curated by IVANA to give you glowing skin, increased brightness and a luminescent complexion from within.

This is clinically designed to work better together. It contains 4 different products – a facial wash, a toner, a sunblock and a night cream. Together, they help speed up the rejuvenation of the skin while protecting it from UV rays and other harmful chemicals. It’s also formulated to reduce the appearance of blemishes, acne scars, dark spots and other discolorations. After 15 days of use, expect that your skin is left plush, supple and glowing plus expect a rosy pink finish.

Suited for all skin types including acne-prone skin.

This is not your ordinary whitening piece or your simple rejuvenating item. Ivana Skin go beyond the standards to deliver results! ✨

The kit includes:
– Kojic Glow Bar
– Glow Toner
– Glow Day Cream
– Glow Night Cream

Each product was carefully formulated to address different skin problems. From dull skin to unhealthy skin — Ivana Skin is created to positively influence the health of your skin every- day!

Why choose Ivana Skin?

🦋 Premium Ingredients
Our products are carefully formulated. We go beyond standards, we deliver results.

🦋 Cruelty Free
We make sure that our products are not tested on animals. All of our products are cruelty free.

🦋 Locally Made
Ivana Skin is proudly made in the Philippines.





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