JOJU Collagen Dipeptide. (6O Capsules)


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JOJU COLLAGEN Collagen from freshwater fish collagen up to 1,000 milligrams. 
It is Dipepetide type (dipeptide), absorbed faster than general collagen And stimulate the skin cells instantly
The aroma is very tender. Easy to eat. Believe that people who eat hard pills must definitely not eat fishy.
The taste is sour and slightly sweet. Helps to maintain the balance of sex hormones to normal and can reduce fat production.
From fat swabs, therefore helping to use less oily skin Reduce inflammation of acne quickly
– To brighten the skin
– Reduce dark spots
– Soft, moisturized skin
– Reduce the occurrence of acne
How to eat : Take only 1 tablet a day. Because it contains 1000 mg of collagen in the morning or before bedtime.


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