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The only Approved FDA (USA food and drug administration ) cream for whitening.Solve all your skin problems leaving it White , Clear and Pure : dark spots , Freckles,Stretch marks , dark areas on elbows and knees , darken sensitive area (Bikini area), Acne dark scars and darken sun burns . How To Use After Preparing your skin with Melano Soap Put at night small amount (pea sized) on your fingertip then apply to dark skin ,Leave cream for 30min on skin and then wash well with water only. For small dark spots : don’t apply cream to non spotted area For All Face : Little extra amount can be added if needed For Knee & Elbow : you can leave the cream for more than 30 minutes and then wash well with water only. For sensitive area(Bikini area) and sensitive skin: Make a mixture of Melano free and melano cool creams before applying to skin then let it for 30 min at night and wash well with water only Keep the medicine away from the corners of your nose, your mouth, eyes and open wounds. You should avoid sunlight , ultraviolet light , Extreme heat and cold (In case of exposure to sun light you should put sun screen Product with sun protection factor not less than +50 SPF ) You should avoid products that may dry or irritate your skin. Pregnant or nursing woman should avoid using Melano free cream. Make sensitivity test (before using the cream ): put cream on your hand 30 minutes if there is no strong itching ,redness, irritation , you can safely use the cream.


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