14 Day Detox Tea



Name :14 day detox

Healthy Benefits:1.It’s naturally detoxify your body.
2.cleanse your digestive system and decrease water retention while reducing bloating.
3.Rich in antioxidants,could help you stay fit,energized, healthy and happy.
Ingredients:lotus leaf, cassia seed,hemp kernel,mulberry leaf,green tea
Specification:3g/pyramid teabag,14 pyramid teabags/bag
1.Put 1 teabag into a cup or bottle,brew it with 250-300ml boiling warter,keep it in 3-
5minutes,then start drinking when the water color changed.
2.Add more water into the cup or bottle for several times,till the color and taste of tea
is light,then throw it away.
3.Take another 1 teabag into a cup or bottle after 4 hours,brewing it as the first one .
4.Usually 2 teabags daily,1 teabag each time.


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