Amla Essential Oils for Hair, Scalp and Skin Care – 150 Ml (Amla Oil)


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  • Amla Oil for hair is a leading choice for damaged hair. It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C to give your hair the strength and nourishment it needs. It conditions your scalp to reduce dryness and dandruff. Amla can prevent scalp-related infections and treat lice infections in your hair.
  • Pure Amla Oil benefits hair by stimulating hair follicles to grow and giving strength to hair. It gives a long-lasting natural shine and reduces greying of hair.
  • Provides strength to hair – Nourishes hair from scalp to ends. It conditions the scalp, which lets the hair follicles play a significant role in making the roots and hair healthier and more robust. They will be able to create thicker, better and luscious hair.
  • Treats dry scalp – It soothes your scalp providing it with moisture and eliminating dryness. A dry scalp can lead to dandruff that causes itching; Beauty Ambition Amla oil will treat the dryness, give it moisture and get rid of dandruff and itching scalp, giving you a clean and itch-free scalp.
  • Reduces premature hair greying – Premature greying can occur for several reasons, for example, stress. Organic Amla oil reduces grey-coloured hair to make your hair look younger and more beautiful.
  • Prevents hair fall – Amla Oil for hair is best known for the best hair care. It will encourage your roots and scalp to be stronger and healthier for you to have great hair. When your roots are strong, hair fall will decrease significantly.
  • Reduce split-ends – Amla Oil for Hair is the best for rough and dry hair with split ends. It is a lovely product that will treat your hair with the best care and remove split ends from your hair. Split ends make your hair look less attractive and rough; applying Amla hair oil to them will assure healthy and robust hair with extra shine.


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