Gluta Lipo 12 in 1 Red Ice Tea- 25g x 10 Sachets



π†π‹π”π“π€π‹πˆππŽ 𝐑𝐄𝐃 πˆπ‚π„πƒ 𝐓𝐄𝐀 is infused with organic ingredients that are proven to have health benefits. The main ones are Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine
for an effective and efficient way to burn fat and Glutathione and Collagen for the skin’s healthier and more youthful glow.
These, along with the other natural ingredients, safely guarantee the following benefits: Whitening, Slimming,Β  Prevents Constipation, Detoxifies.
and Cleanses All these are enjoyed by every Glutalipo consumer without sacrificing the pleasure of drinking something delicious.
Each Glutalipo juice, coffee and milk tea tastes just as good as any other every day juice or coffee drink.Pour half a sachet Gluta Lipo Milky melon mix into a medium-sized glass. Β Add 120ml to 150ml hot or cold water.Β Simply stir and it’s ready to drink.


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