Gluta Lipo 12 in 1 Signature Milky Melon- 25g x 10 Sachets


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A milky melon drink with chia seeds and psyllium fiber to help aid constipation and improve digestion. It Helps brighten skin with glutathione,Promotes feeling full longer with Chia Seeds, which is high in quality protein, Helps relieve constipation and lower cholesterol and sugar levels with Psyllium Fiber, Enriched with L-Carnitine, a detoxifying agent that boosts your metabolism,  Includes Garcinia Cambogia to aid your weight loss goals by helping you curb your appetite,  Added Green Tea helps cleanse the body from toxins,  Also includes collagen, grape seed extract, mangosteen, goji berry, barley grass, moringa, buah merah, and tongkat ali, Helps strengthen your immune system and improve your overall well-being. Pour half a sachet Gluta Lipo Milky melon mix into a medium-sized glass.  Add 120ml to 150ml hot or cold water. Simply stir and it’s ready to drink.



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