Ishin Premium Gluathione Plus- (60 Capsules)


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Our Ishin  premium contains 60 capsules with 700mg per capsule. To help you achieve and maintain youthful, radiant, healthy and glowing skin, we introduce you to ISHIN PREMIUM with TRIPLE G.L.U.T.A.T.H.I.O.N.E BLEND. ISHIN Premium is the very first whitening formul@tion that contains: ✔️ S-Acetyl G.l.u.t.a.t.h.i.o.n.e – the most potent form of g.l.u.t.a.t.h.i.o.n.e for skin whitening and anti-aging purposes ✔️ Reduced G.l.u.t.a.t.h.i.o.n.e – which helps slow down the ageing process  ✔️ Free Form G.l.u.t.a.t.h.i.o.n.e – which helps with the detoxification process. What makes 威信 ISHIN Premium so special? The secret is L-Cystine, an amino acid which stimulates the production of g.l.u.t.a.t..h.i.o.n.e, an antioxidant that exists in the body which several studies have shown produce a skin whitening-effect.  L-Cystine is a widely used whit3ning suppl3m3nt in Japan. But that’s not all— L-Cystine also activates your skin’s turnover, which gives you a brighter complexion, and has an antioxidant effect that stimulates the activity of g.l.u.t.a.t.h.i.o.n.e. peroxidase enzymes, which protect the skin from reactive oxygen species (ROS). It also represses the activity of tyrosinase enzymes, which come from ROS and are involved in the production of melanin.  When you incorporate 威信 ISHIN Premium in your daily suppl3m3nt regimen, not only will you feel healthier, you’ll get the added side effect of healthy glowing skin that shines.


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