Montalin Asli- Jamu Pegal Linu Dan Asam Urat



Montalin – a capsule made from the leaves of Antanan with high nutritional value for the treatment of all kinds of diseases.
Efficacy of Montalin capsules
This capsule is a herbal product from Indonesia that has many benefits and is suitable for overcoming various diseases such as:
Gout treatment
Sciatica – Treating rheumatism – Reducing cholesterol in the blood – Treating muscle stiffness – Overcoming swollen feet and hands – Swelling
Overcoming the stiffness of the work day
Lower cholesterol from junk foods
Keep your body fit and fresh
Flex his muscles rigid and treat cramps
Get rid of your stress
Make your body feel more refreshed when you wake up
Ruling on drinking Montalin capsules:
The rules are to take the capsules twice a day every 2 capsules for those classified as chronic or severe disease. 2 capsules once daily for those still with relatively mild disease, 1 capsule daily for prophylaxis. But you need to know that taking medications and vitamins indirectly can cure your disease. In addition to taking this Montalin capsule, you also have to manage your diet and exercise habits for a healthier body.


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