Matcha Apricot Tea- (20 Sachets)


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New Detox Form Matcha Tea with Apricot Flavor and Extra Components is Released!
Sandaloz Gum
Chromium Picolonate
Stevia, Tragacanth, Cinnamon
Especially preferred Apricot Flavor.
More effective now with 7 extra ingredients

Consisting of 8 Grams, 20 Pieces of Chassis
Suitable for daily use,
Metabolism Monster
Antioxidant Depot
With L- Carnitine Component
Apricot Flavored Detox Form Tea
You can consume it by mixing it in Milk, Hot-Cold Water, Coffee / Latte or Yoghurt.
▫️1 Box: 20 Chassis x 8 grams = 160 grams
All of our Matcha Powder and Green Tea products are specially imported from Japan.


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