Skinlite Face Wash-(100ml)


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SkinLite Face Wash Benefits

Enriched with natural extracts which help control excess oil to prevent and control the bacteria accumulation that causes pimples. Eventually, you will reveal skin that is smooth, radiant, clear, moist and fresh.

SkinLite face wash has a number of advantages for those who want clear, bright and more glowing skin fast. Here are some of these benefits:

  • SkinLite face wash comes with a buit-in facial cleansing brush
    • The cleanser and the built-in brush will work wonders to exfoliate your skin and even out patchy skin tone, bringing out luminous, uniform skin tone if used regularly.
  • Deep cleansing with enriched ingredients of the cleanser and the built-in brush
    • The brush will upgrade the cleansing to deep levels of the top layer of the skin [epidermis]. Hence, you will get deep cleansing with the help of the soft bristles of the built-in brush. This process will clear out the dead skin cells, grime, excess oil and clogged pores effectively.

How to Use SkinLite Face Wash

Time needed: 30 days

For best results, you should use this product on regular basis.

  1. Pump up the face wash

    Before pumping up the the face wash, add a little water to the brush to get the foamy texture.

  2. Gentle massage

    Gently massage into your face and neck with the help of the built-in soft brush.

  3. Rinse with water

    Finally, rinse and enjoy your glow.


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